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Ward Strootman


Growing up in a family of jewelers, Ward was the only new generation in the family showing interest in gemology.

While studying business, he realised he needed to dive deeper into the subject. After his Bachelor he started studying gemology at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in London. He couldn't get enough of it. Back in Amsterdam he started working with his mother who owns a Jewelry store. He Attends shows and meets many people in the business. Realising that there has not been a change in the industry for a long long time. Being the new generation he wanted more and operate differently.

"I see the raw and rough minerals, but I think of them as art. Combining my knowledge of gemology and passion for aesthetic. There is so much beauty in nature and there are infinite stories to tell about the journey from mine to market."

This is where Ward Strootman arised. a combination of Natural History, Art and Jewelry.

Ward Strootman